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Fin. Due Diligence

Controlling and Management Reporting

Controlling in Ukraine is a special issue. Due to the strict given chart of accounts and rather formal demands concerning financial statements, the Ukrainian financial reporting doesn’t provide enough information about the real financial situation of the enterprise.

In addition, those from a western point of view weird accounting procedures cause rather often misunderstandings in terms of controlling/reporting. For example is an issued invoice not a primary document for accounting - an invoice is only an „invitation for payment“.  Only by both contract partners signed way bills or a payment will be put into accounting.

An economic way of thinking very often cannot be assumed even for accounting staff, which underlines the necessity of a contemporary controlling.

Our Controlling-Service

We implement in local accounting customer oriented controlling decisions. These may be common management reports as well as complex cost accounting system.

We will also take over compiling of management reports, and in such way to ensure providing with significant western reporting through our local experience.


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